hiii peeps. how's your day? cool huh? me? ahha. not so. why? hhaa. you read the previous entry how i express my feelings. :face21: hahha. nevermind. forget it! totally useless.

oke guess what, i have been here (blogging) for 3 months ++++. actually not interested in writing and typing. but maybe blogwalking. cool ~ :132: hahha.

and yesterday, i found that my follower had reached a HUNDRED ! OMJiiiiiii. hahah. *creepy. and i've become more and more interested in blogging.:face75: there we go guys! the 100 follower is ......


hhehhehhhe. blog dye cool gila okey. biskut celup celup. okeyy saya cerita sikit pasal owner ni. *even korang boleh baca kat blog dye. hahha. err okeyy. dye seorang student dari Shah Alam. err UITM maybe. takde state kat profile dye. bakal engineer. berbintang Cancer. and yang paling penting katanya, dye akan menyambung Ijazah-nya di JEPUN! cayalah bro! :face75:

hm goodluck yahh. apa apa pun, tengkiyu to be my 100 followers. selalu lah datang ziarah waktu trafic tak jem. heheh. k guys. have a nice day ! :95:

cool tak ? ^.^


  1. tahniah :)

    p/s : oh ye.. buang lah varify notyfication kat comment box ni, baru orang minat nak komen :)

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  3. ce baca sini :