dear friends,

hey my dear. it's time to say goodbye huh. after everything we go through together. and for sure I will missed everything about you guys. I’m going to be the most bored person when you’re not here. and for sure there’s no much time to spend with as before. well, there’s always ‘being apart’ in our life.

meet Iza on 6 years old.. such a younger one. she’s not like others. well, a bit ‘quite’. not like now. HAHA. potpetpotpet. and keep going with ‘her Chelsea’. still keep nagging me when i’m wrong. oke, no wonder i put her as my ‘parent’. hee. as usual, keep gossiping about others. he and she. he’s not for her. he’s not handsome. she’s not beautiful. new trend. new cloth. and too many things to shared with. kan honey? :D become too hasty when his Mr.A going to be someone’s. be tough la bongok, forget him huh. -,- HEHE. you still remember, when we hang together? hee. and one other perfect moment actually, when we sleep together. in my house. remember? fasting together. bath together. and a bit ‘pornoing’ in the toilet together. HAHA. hei, I’m still a bowler champion lahh! :D you have to admit that. hee. i’m going to missed to beat you. left you behind with su. it’s oke, at least you reach 100 right? HAHA.

Suhana, known her since primary on 11. even we’re not to close, I know you’re a good girl. HEHE. since now, you’re still remain a good girl. for sure you’ve become a ‘Hot Stuff now’. too many fans. i will pray for your happiness friend. with Mr.AA maybe? i like to see you guys. (: and now coming up with her Nicholas Spark. it’s an honor bebeh! KEHKEH. hei, I love the way you laugh lahh baby. BINGIT tau! :D but now, it change since you’re premature. ohh, wrong. matured one. HAHA. still a bit shy. blur. not too much on you because you never messed up with me. not like Iza Omar. HUHU. you know what, befriend with you is an award for me. you guys are too different than others. you here with me when I’m in need. and if time is on our side. there will be no tears to cry on down the road. hee. Su, I’m going to missed your quotes. your ‘stunt’. and your Kulkith. KEHKEH. my fave! hee. memories with you will always be as sweet as you are. (:

dear, you will always be in my mind. you mean a world to me. I’m very lucky to have you. please don’t forget me. please not stop befriend with me. take good care. keep texting me. study hard. I admit I will be the most sadly person when you guys left. our memories will remain forever. i’ll pray for your succeed.

hearts you, IZZAH OMAR and SITTI SUHANA.
great PEEPS ever!

friendship is not a game to play
it is not a word to say
it doesn’t start on Mac and ends on May
it is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday. (:

cool tak ? ^.^


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